Cedarwood Essential Oils

The oil extracted from cedarwood is called Cedarwood Essential Oils. It is well-known for its tranquilizing and soothing effect. It has a strong woody and spicy smell. The Cedarwood Essential Oil is very effective arthritis, bronchitis, dandruff, acne, eczema etc. Pure Cedarwood Oil is believed to work as a revitalizing component. It is also a great antiseptic and expectorant. Among the Manufacturers of Cedarwood Oil, we are counted on the top. We supply quality Cedarwood Oil to different parts of the country and abroad.

Botanical Nomenclature : Cedrus deodora.

1- 100% Pure Organic Products,

Botanical name : a) Cedrus deodara (Roxb.)Loud (Indian ceder wood)
b) Cedrus atlantica Man.
c) Juniperus virginiana (Virginia cedar wood)
d) Juniperus maxicana (Texas white wood)
e)Thuja occidentalis L.(Eastern white cedar wood)
Family : Pinaceae/Cupressaceae/ Taxodiaceae
The Cedarwood oil obtained from Cedrus deodara (Family Pinaceae) is widely used as a Cheap perfumery fixative in soap and cosmetic industries in India. Deodar, a large, evergreen tree with spreading branches and longe, evergreen tree with spreading branches and long foliage is found mostly in the north western region of Himalayas extending from Kashmir to Gerhwal at altitudes of 1200-3000m. Jammu & Kashmir state possesses by far the largest area under deodar8. The old trees, the stumps and roots in large quantities are left behind unutilized in the forest or are used partially as domestic fuel, thereby wasting a valuable raw left behind unutilized in the forest or are used partially as domestic fuel, thereby westing a valuable raw material. Deodar forests are common from Kashmir especially in Kishanganga, Kishtwar and Jhelim valley to Garhwal. Deodar oil that is of golden yellow colour with balsamic odour comparatively of recent origin, is much different from American cedar wood oil where by complete import substitution has been achieved for an item long used in the industry. Current annual estimated production is of the order of about 25.0 tonnes with a prospect of increased production in near future. The work on the recovery of oil from sawdust, stump and root were examined for its oil yield and chemical composition. The stumps and roots contain as high as 8-12% oil compared to only 2.0-4.5% in the various lots of waste residues ( yield, 0.6-1.0%). The Indian cedar wood oil ( cedrus deodare) is obtained from the powder (4-8 mesh size). A systematic study were carried out on pilot scale of batch size – 750kg for recovery of oil vs steam injection rate15. An optimum oil yield (7.77% w/w,19hr) was achieved by passing a steam rate of 4.5kg/ min. the American and atlas cedar wood are the most important oils for use in perfumery and fragrance based industry. The East African and Chineese rectified cedar wood oils used and regularlyin the world trade market.
The Indian cedar wood oil is widely used as a cheap perfumery fixative in soap and cosmetic industries. Deodar timber is one of the most valuable Indian timbers as railway sleepers and for constructional works. It is also used for pencil making15. The main uses for cedar leaf oil are in the manufacture of medicines, fine fragrances and room deodorants.
We do Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and friendly technologies in all our production units.
Our quality controllers check each item to meet the worldwide standards.
Our retail and wholesale essential oil products are hygienically made and packaged with shielding material for protected delivery.
We are customer oriented organization and all our actions are directed to offer maximum client satisfaction.
We manufacture top quality product and support the farming of herbs and best crops.
Wholesale custom packaging is also available for particular demand of customers on request.


Physiochemical Properties

Appearance Golden yellow
Odour Woody, balsamic, pleasant
pH Neutral
Boiling Point Not available
Flash Point Higher than 100oC (closed cup)
Autoingnition Temperature Not available
Explosion Limits Not available
Vapour Pressure (25oC) Not available
Vapour Density >1 (air=1)
Specific Gravity (20oC) 0.953 to 0.976
Optical Rotation (20oC) +34 to +53
Refractive Index (20oC) 1.515 to 1.523
Solubility in water (20oC) Negligible
Partition Coefficient log P o/w Not available

Cedarwood Essential Oils

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