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We are counted amongst the prominent Manufacturers, Suppliers, and Exporters of Indian Rose water (Hydrosol) in Uttar Pradesh, India. Under this, we offer Rosewater (Grade A), Rosewater (Grade B), Rose water (Grade C), Jasmine water, Sandalwood water, and Agarwood/Oudh water. It is manufactured by using the pristine grade ingredients and modern techniques in line with the predefined industrial standards and norms. We offer Indian Rose Water in a high-quality packing, to avoid the chances of spillage, during the transit.

  • 1 Mana Rose Water : For one mana rose water we distill 40 kg of fresh rose flowers (Rose petals) then we get 25 liter (kg) of Rose water. Its smell is little week compare than 3 or 2 mana, but its also working same like , 3 or 2 mana, than mostly customers buy its , its has same properties and power, its anti bacterial , anti oxidant , any inflammatory, so its powerful antiseptic.
  • 2 Mana Rose Water : For two mana Rose water we distilled 80 kg of fresh natural rose flowers and we get 25 liter of Rose water, its called 2 mana, its always top quality smell and powerful anti-bacterial, its pH 6 to 8.
  • 3 Wana Rose Water : We distilled three mana of rose water, its mean we distilled 120 kg of fresh rose flowers and than we get 25 liter of fresh rose water, its very powerful smell and Antiseptic, Anti-Inflammatory and Anti-Bacterial properties. Its pH value is 6 to 8.

  • Rose Hydrosol
  • Jasmine Hydrosol
  • Sandal Hydrosol
  • Lavender Hydrosol
  • Tea tree Hydrosol
  • Lotus Hydrosol

Damask rose oils are traditionally preferred over to others. The odorous principles present in rose flowers can be isolated
Completely by extraction with volatile solvents than by hydrodistillation. Perfume extracts from flowers are obtained by solvent
extraction. The sudsequent solvent prpduces a quasi solid extract called a concrete. It contains fragrance related compounds
like terpenes and sesquiterpenes but also fatty acids and their methyl esters, paraffins and other high molecular weight
compounds. Concrete can be processed fuether after solubilization in excess of ethyl alcohol. The solution is then cooled at
about 300C, filtered to eliminate waxes and then concentrated by vacuum distillation. The product obtained by using this
technique is called an absolute30 . The concentrated and absolutes have come to play a very important role in the art perfumery.
The rose concentrated can also be further fractionated by latest technique of liquid CO2 and supercritical fluid extraction process
by using multistage separation technique. Two products such as paraffins and volatile oil were recovered in the first and second
separator respectively . The major difference was observed between supercritical and steam extraction has more 2- pheny ethyl
akcohol upto 50% then steam distillation technique for the production of rose oil.Different kinds of rose oil blends were discovered.
in India and gulab is an important rose attar produced by blending with sandal wood oil Turkey and Bulgaria are presently leading
in the production of rose oil while Morocco produces mainly rose water.India,Egypt,China,France and Russia are among other
countries that produce rose oil,rose water concrete and absolute to meet their internal consumption and export of product.
Rose oil is one of the oldest and most valuable perfumery material.It imparts characteristic flowery top notes to
Perfumes.Rose essential oils have highest importence for fine perfumery applications and cosmetic preparations for long
Time becausee of the intense ,pleasant sweet , floral odour as well as their fixative properties.
All products are entirely 100% pure and natural.

We do Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and friendly technologies in all our production units.
Our quality controllers check each item to meet the worldwide standards.
Our retail and wholesale essential oil products are hygienically made and packaged with shielding material for protected delivery.
We are customer oriented organization and all our actions are directed to offer maximum client satisfaction.
We manufacture top quality product and support the farming of herbs and best crops.
Wholesale custom packaging is also available for particular demand of customers on request.


Indian Rose water (Top grade)

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