Thought of the Day

Wherever Baba’s children are they are with Baba. The power of peace, the power of
silence make our lives clean and safe. Despite the state of the world Baba has
taught us to live our lives without problems. I don’t get any problems do you? Past is
past... Always remember this.
The songs we have nowadays are wonderful. We are easy yogis, raja yogis. We can
listen to the words of the songs and have yoga.
We are sitting in Harmony Hall. In Hindi ‘har mani’ means to accept defeat. If we
accept defeat then we can live our lives in harmony. When our intellect is towards
Baba we can do this.
I am looking at all of you and my heart says, “thank you Baba”. Baba gave me the
fortune of coming in front of you. Baba is the Bestower of Fortune. He is distributing
fortune now. We are all one and we belong to One. Our bodies are here and our
minds are also here... Here there is an atmosphere of magic, a wonderful vibration.
Our five fingers together are not equal but the five fingers together do good service.
Baba has made us sit on His lap, in His heart, in His eyes. I just have to pay
attention to being with Him. In my eyes is one Baba and none other. We have the
feeling that He is always watching. He is bringing all His children together. We will all
go home together. This is the time to be naturally happy. It is written in our fortune to
be cheerful. Always keep your face happy.
Service is happening in all 4 directions. Baba’s children are becoming the
embodiment of giving visions. Everyone has become cheerful.

OM SHANTI.........................................................OM SAI

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