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29. Connect And Recharge. For many people meditation is more than relaxation. Meditation is a time to connect with the Source, a Divine Energy, God or the Universe. If this is something you want to explore and experience, then visualise plugging into the Source to top up with energy and vitality. This connection recharges your whole being and also strengthens your resilience and willpower.

Sunrise Energise - Imagine that it's very early in the morning and the sun is beginning to rise. As you watch the sunrise, watch the colours, the fiery pink, red and orange, contrasting with the cool blues of the sky. Watch the sunlight spill onto the landscape around you, creating light and shadow, giving everything around you a warm glow. Sit back and enjoy the calm of sunrise.

The sun is high in the sky and it's getting warmer and warmer. As you sit under the warm sun, feel the rays soaking into your muscles, warming and relaxing your whole body. Feel the warmth of the sun, relaxing your forehead, your cheeks, your eyes and all the muscles around your mouth. Release the tightness from your neck, your shoulders, your arms and hands. Feel the heat dissolve any tension you've been holding in your back, your hips, your legs, and all the way to your feet.
Meditating in the sun, simply relish the sunshine, the warmth. Open your mind to catch the sunlight and as the warmth pours into your mind, absorb vitality and energy, recharging and powering up the whole of your being.

Feeling energised, begin to return your awareness to your surroundings, the sounds, the room, the temperature. And just for a few minutes, sit with your eyes open.

30. Thoughts Keep Popping Up. Thoughts will pop up during meditation. What to do? If it's something important, rather than keep thinking about it, write it down. This is not what's necessarily recommended but ignoring the thoughts also doesn’t work. Try telling your thoughts, “Not now. I'll come back to you later.” Put the thoughts aside and come back to them after you finish the meditation.

Like A Lotus Flower - Take your awareness to your breath. Observe your breath for a few moments and with every breath you take, let go of the worries, the frustrations. Let go of everything that's keeping you from being free. Now with every breath, let go of all the tension and the tightness from your feet, calves, thighs, back and spine, shoulders, and arms. Now turn your attention to your abdomen and relax. Relax your chest, neck and all the muscles in your face.

Imagine that it’s early in the morning and you're in a water garden with lotus flowers. Watch the first layer of petals open up, one layer of petals at a time. As the lotus flowers slowly open all their petals, bursting into full bloom, notice the colours, the shades and hues. Notice the morning dew on the petals.
Rest your awareness on the lotus flowers and appreciate the beauty and the perfection above the water. But under the water, things are not so perfect. And as you realise beauty and imperfection come as a package, embrace your imperfections and appreciate all aspects of yourself.

Like the lotus flower, rise above the muddy water, rising above all the negativity. And just as the muddy roots sustain the lotus flower, let the realities of life enrich you, to bloom and reach your potential, growing into something more beautiful.

31. Lost Your Motivation? When your motivation for meditation wanes and fades, you have a choice to give up or renew your motivation. If you choose the latter, then get interested by asking yourself, why you want to start meditating again? Get inspired by reading more about meditation or by taking a meditation class. Get interested and inspired, and reaffirm your meditation practice.

Soothing Sands - Take a few deep breaths and with each breath, relax your body. As you relax, visualise yourself sitting on sand. And as you put your hands on the sand, feel the warmth. Now slowly visualise yourself pushing your hands into the soft soothing sand and feel the coolness.

Visualise yourself picking up a handful of sand and holding it in your hands. Think of the sand as all your stress, worries and problems. As you hold the sand, let all your stress, worries and problems sit on the palm of your hands and feel the weight.
Now, let go of all your stress, worries and problems. Feel the soothing soft sand slipping through your fingers. Feel the gentle trickling of the sand through your fingers. Let it all flow through your fingers, until there's only a few grains of sand left and feel the texture.

As you lighten your mind and let everything slip by, just simply sit, doing nothing, simply being. Be fully present and just be.


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