Chamomile Essential Oils

Also known as Sweet Chamomile, we produce Chamomile Essential Oils from finest Anthemis nobilis (Chamaemelum nobile). Chamaemelum nobile is a plant which belongs to Asteraceae species. Our Chamomile Essential Oil is widely known for its versatility and effective therapeutic properties. It serves as a panacea for several deadliest ailments. Chamomile Oil supplied by us is considered as the best to heal Acne, wounds, itchy skin etc. We firmly believe that good health is the greatest treasure for anyone. Hence, we provide effectual Organic Chamomile Oil and counted amongst the fewest trustworthy manufacturers & exporters.

More about Chamomile Essential Oils
  • Latin Name : Anthemis nobilis[romanchamomile] and Matricaria chamomile [german chamomile].
  • Family : Compositae
  • Plant : Sun
  • Extraction : Distillation
  • Aroma : A fruity, apple –like fragrance.

Features : Indigenous to Britain and cultivated in Germany. France and morocco. Both roman and German chamomile share many features; about 12 inches high with white flower, yellow centre and slightly furry leaves. German chamomile is slightly smaller. Essential oil from both types contains azulene [a powerful anti-inflammatory agent] not actually present in the plant but formed in the oil. German chamomile contains a little more and is a deep blue colour- sometimes known as ‘Hungarian chamomile- just to confuse the issue.

History & Myth : According to Culpeper, the Egyptians dedicated this herb to the sun since it cured fevers [heat]. Other sources say it is a moon herb because it has a cooling effect. certainly the Egyptian priests recognized its soothing properties where nervous complaints were concerned. It has come down in history as the plans’ physician because it cures other shrubs when planted nearby. The name is derived from the Greek meaning ‘ground apple’ and the Latin ‘nobills’ refers to noble flowers. used extensively in shampoos throughout the ages particularly to highlight and condition fair hair. These days it is often employed in cosmetics and perfumes. Chamomile tea has been a popular aid to digestion as well as promoting sound sleep. Also thought to help jaundice and liver problems-perhaps that is why it is sometimes added to liqueurs!

Chemical Constituents : Anthemis nobills angelic, methacrylic, tiglic [acid], azuline [sesquiterpene], matricaria chamomilla; cuminic [aldehyde], azuline [sesquiterpene].

Properties : Analgesic, antiallergenic, anticonvulsive, antidepressant, antiemetic, antiphlogistic, antipruritic, antirheumatic, antiseptic, antispasmodic, carminative, cholagogue, cicatrisant, digestive, diuretic, emollient, emmenagogue, febrifuge, hepatic, nervine, sedative, splenetic, stomachic, sudorific, tonic, vermifuge, vulnerary.

Precautions : An emmenagogue, so should be avoided in the early months of pregnancy.

Mind : A very soothing oil easing anxiety, tension, anger and fear promotes relaxation, gives patience, peace and allays worries. Calms the mind and is often helpful with insomnia.

Body : Its analgesic action eases the dull muscular pain, particularly when connected to nervous conditions. Low back pain seems to respond well. in the some way useful for headaches, neuralgia, toothache and earache. Useful with menstrual problems since it helps to regulate the menstrual cycle and eases period pain. a popular choice for calming irritable effect of pre-menstrual tension and menopause. Soothes the stomach and often relieves gastritis, diarrhoea, colitis, peptic ulcers, vomiting, wind inflammation of the bowels-possibly useful for irritable bowel syndrome. Also said to be helpful with liver problems, jaundice a well as disorders of the genitor-urinary tract. Indicated for use with repeated infections, since it stimulates the production of white corpuscles which help to fight bacteria and fortify the defence system. Could be effective against anaemia.

Effect On Skin : Soothes burns, blisters, inflamed wounds, ulcers and boils. could be helpful with dermatitis, acne, herpes, psoriasis, hypersensitive skins as well as allergic conditions generally. smooths out broken capillaries, improving elasticity. Good for dry and itchy skin, eases puffiness and strengthens the tissues. An excellent skin cleanser.

Blends : Angelica, benzoin, bergamot,geranium, jasmine, lavender lemon, marjoram, neroli palmarosa patchouli, rose, ylang-ylang.
We do Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and friendly technologies in all our production units.
Our quality controllers check each item to meet the worldwide standards.
Our retail and wholesale essential oil products are hygienically made and packaged with shielding material for protected delivery.
We are customer oriented organization and all our actions are directed to offer maximum client satisfaction.
We manufacture top quality product and support the farming of herbs and best crops.
Wholesale custom packaging is also available for particular demand of customers on request.


Chamomile Essential Oils

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