Citronella (Java) Essential Oils

We offer Citronella Essential Oils is a yellow brown in color, which is widely used in skincare and hair care products.

More about Citronella Essential Oils
  • Latin Name: Cymbopogon nardus
  • Family : Graminae
  • Planet : None
  • Extraction : Distillation
  • Aroma : Slightly sweet and lemony.

Features : A hardy grass, grown mainly in Sri Lanka and java though also found in Burma, Madagascar Guatemala and south America. It was formerly known as andropogon nardus. The plant reaches to about three feet and has long slender leaves which flower when left in their natural state. Preference is given to distillation of the dried grass rather than the fresh material which would require too much fuel and is said to yield an oil of less agreeable odour.

History & Myth : Originally grown in Sri Lanka and came into vogue in the last century. The first shipment of oil to Europe was known as âoleum sireeâ. Sri Lanka was the main exporter until 1890, when java started producing the oil, apparently of superior quality. It contained greater quantities of geraniol [alcohol] and has a stronger odour. The Sri Lankan oil had evidently been adulterated with kerosene to reduce its price. For some time, citronella was a popular ingredient in wax candles which helped to deter mosquitoes. The oil is used extensively as an ingredient in perfumes, soaps, skin lotions, polishes, detergents and deodorizing cosmetics. Adds an interesting aroma to some Chinese food flavours.

Chemical Constituents : Citronellic [acid],borneol, citronellol, geraniol, nerol [alcohols], citral, citronellal [aldehydes], camphene, dipentene, limonene [terpenes].

Properties : Antidepressant, antiseptic, deodorant, insecticide, parasiticide, tonic, stimulant.

Precautions : Skin irritant.

Mind : Has a clearing and uplifting effect on the mind which could help ease feelings of depression.

Body : Its most useful quality is as an insect repellent. best employed in sprays and diffusers on hot summer days to keep those little pests away. Probably useful in ridding fleas from cast and dogs as well . a drop on cotton wool placed in linen drawers keeps clothes fresh and deters moths and insects.
It has some reputation for helping to clear the mind and therefore may be effective against headaches, migraine and neuralgia.
It may well act as a general tonic to the body. balancing the heart and nervous system. could have the similar effect on the digestive and reproductive system. So may be useful at the end of illness to restore tone ,spirit and equilibrium. Its antiseptic properties may well be of use in a sick room by keeping germs at bay, again used in a diffuser. Its deodorant and stimulating qualities could refresh sweaty and tired feet, thereby activating the whole system.
Reputedly helpful for rheumatic aches and pains.

Effect On Skin : said to have skin softening qualities when combined with neroli and bergamot.

Blends : Bergamot, cajuput, eucalyptus, geranium, lavender, neroli peppermint , petitgrain, sage, ylang-ylang.
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Citronella Essential Oils

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