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Posted by Admin on August, 25, 2011

Lotus (nelumbo nucifera) is a symbol of purity, the source of knowledge and wealth. Lotus is a sacred flower in Hinduism and Buddhism. Lotus is considered to be one of the most ancient plants in existence, and is highly valued for its medicinal effect. It is in use in many countries for the treatment of many diseases like jaundice, ulcer, etc. It is known to help in directing energy and keeping the mind focused. For generations, people have relied heavily on the flower and also on its stem and juice for various purposes. Along with the medicinal advantage, the flower is also preferred in religious ceremonies and the stem of the flower is used by people as food item. The Lotus flower has its unique place in the flower family, and people highly value the impressive qualities of the flower.
The Essential Oil made of the Lotus extracts has a purifying effect. The pleasant aroma of the Lotus oil makes it the preferred choice for aromatic bath and body massage. Along with the purifying effect, it also has the therapeutic significance. The Essential Lotus Oil is extracted from the flower by the process called solvent extraction. The extraction is done with extreme care and precision. The Lotus Oils are highly concentrated and generally used in combination with other oils. Essential Lotus Oils are also very expensive because of their potency and high usefulness. Some of the world-wide known benefits of Essential Lotus Oils are:
Therapeutic Effect
The oil extracted from the Lotus flower is used for years in the treatment of all kinds of diseases, from Diarrhea to Bleeding ulcers. In China, the Essential lotus Oils are in use for the treatment of Mushroom poisoning along with the other fatal diseases. Lotus Oils are famous in many countries for their meditative value. The use of Lotus Oils helps to keep the mind focused and controlled.
Alleviate the Body and Mind
The excellent and mesmerizing effect of Essential Lotus Oils have made the oil widely preferred for aromatic bath and body massage. The oil has a very relaxing effect on the user. The Lotus Oils are in demand for giving the aroma therapy. The pleasant aroma of the essential Lotus Oil has a tranquilizing effect, and alleviates the whole mind, body and soul.
Fragrant Water Spray
With the addition of few drops of Essential Lotus Oil in water along with some other fragrant oil, a very enticing aromatic spray is created which can be used as room freshener. The spray has an enchanting and freshening effect on the surroundings.
Essential Lotus Oils have always been considered precious. A bottle of Lotus Oil is expensive to buy, but the investment for it is worth. The Lotus Oil has a very alleviating effect on the thinking and surroundings of the person using it. The Essential Lotus Oil brings tranquility with it and serenity, and makes the life pleasant and stress-free.

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