Making Essential Oils Work For You

Posted by Admin on July, 27, 2011

The uses of Orgenic essential oils, derived from plants, are not limited to mere perfumery. Aside from endowing us with pleasant perfumes, the essential oils are used in cosmetics, food essence, hair conditioners, fabric conditioners, detergents, aromatherapy, extenuating depression and eradicating stress and fatigue etc.

Extraction and Production:

We have studied in chemistry that essential oils can be produced by four methods: Steam distillation, hydro-distillation, solvent extraction and carbon dioxide extraction. We also know the advantages and disadvantages of these various methods. Steam distillation uses steam to extract the oil therefore the subtle fragrant molecules are very likely to get damaged. Hydro-distillation uses boiled water; it is therefore gentler than the former method. In solvent extraction process, the quality of the oil or absolute directly depends upon the quality of solvent used. In CO2 method, no steam or solvent is used, and the extracted oil is an outcome of the pressure exerted by natural CO2 upon the plant material.

Well-Known Essential Oils:

Chamomile oil is best for people with sensitive and allergy-prone skin. Rose oil is not only known for evoking passion, but it is also popular because of its antiseptic and refreshing tendencies. Geranium oil fights fungal infections and is an effective remedy for repelling insects. Sandalwood oil is best used in yoga as it facilitates meditation, but it also has cooling, moisturizing and antiseptic properties, and is appropriate for the people with dry and normal skin. Lastly, Jasmine oil has a significant impact on our body, which swiftly activates our senses.

Consult And Then Choose The Right One:

With a vast variety of botanical oils around us, we should always choose the one which works out the best for us. But the problem is that how can we evade the confusion and choose the right one suitable for our requirements? One should know that every essential oil has a characteristic effect on our body. So, one should always consult an expert aroma-therapist to choose the best essential oil for his/her body.

Now the question arises—How to use the essential oils for deriving the above-mentioned benefits? One can extract the maximum benefits from the use of various essential oils by: massaging, food infusions, steam therapy etc. Consult your therapist and use the one best for your body and blood group.

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