The Incredible Agarwood Oil

Posted by Admin on June, 27, 2011

Agarwood also known by the name ‘oodh’ or just Agar, is a dark resinous heartwood derived from the large evergreen trees of Southeast Asia. Aquilaria and Gyrinops are the main trees from which this wood can be obtained but precisely there are fifteen species in the genus Aquilaria and eight are known to produce Agarwood. These trees yield the Agarwood when they become infected with a type of mold. Agarwood is used to extract the incredible Agarwood oil which has some great healing and therapeutic properties. There are however, some complexities involved in the process of extraction of the Agarwood oil. For instance, the fungus infected tree should be at least one hundred years old, in order to produce the oil. Steam or water distillation is generally used for extracting the oil and once it is done, the wood is then soaked and placed in huge burners to evaporate water and dissolve resins. The oil then starts floating on the top.

The significance of the Agarwood and its oil can be traced to very early times when they held great cultural and religious significance as they have found mention in the world's oldest written texts – the Vedas from India. Many people remain unaware about the great properties of Agarwood oil, which is beneficial for health and provides a natural way of dealing with a lot of physical and psychological problems. Highly useful in vitiated condition of rheumatoid arthritis, Agarwood oil also acts as an astringent. It is quite bitter, thermogenic, acrid, depurative, alexeteric and also has anti-leprosy properties. Its effect on the nervous system is widely acclaimed as it calms the nervous system and also helps in relieving anxiety by expelling negative energies. Agarwood oil makes a person alert and helps in invoking a sense of peace & strength and enhances cerebral functioning.

Those suffering from obsessive behavior and neurosis can use the Agarwood oil as it offers a great natural cure for these problems. Owing to its psychoactive properties, it is recommended by experienced practitioners to be used in for meditation and devotion. It has some spiritual significance attached to it and is believed to enlighten and clarify the mind to take a person on a spiritual journey. It harmonizes the spirit, body and mind. Some people also believe that the fragrance of the Agarwood smoke carries the prayers to the creator.

Thus, having both medicinal and spiritual significance, Agarwood Oil is quite incredible. When used effectively, it can have miraculous psychological effects and fills the person with great spiritual sense. Agarwood has a combined effect on the body, soul and mind.

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