Natural Essential Oils Natures Versatile Gift

May, 24, 2011

An essential oil is a concentrated hydrophobic liquid containing impulsive aroma compounds from plants. Essential oils are also known as volatile oils. Oil is essential in the sense that it carries a unique scent, or essence of the plant. Essential oils are generally extracted by refinement. Other processes include extraction or solvent extraction. They are used in perfumes, cosmetics, soaps and other products, for flavoring food and drink.

Various essential oils have been used medically at different periods in history. Essential oils have great vitality in our life. Earlier people use to rub oil on various parts in order to gain maximum benefits. Interest in essential oils has revived in recent decades with the popularity of Aromatherapy a branch of alternative medicine that claims that essential oils and other aromatic compounds have curative effects.

There are many ways in which essential oils can be used, on daily grooming which has the added benefit of the healing properties of the essential oils. Essential oils can be useful to the face and body and rubbed or massaged into the skin. The base of the spine and the back of the neck are particularly good application points for the relief of nervous tension. Almond oil nourishes and pampers the skin. Aloe Vera oil helps maintains the skin moisture balance and activates the skin’s self healing power.

Natural oils are used in aromatherapy for curing many skin and health related issues. Essential oils are used for treating many illnesses under aromatherapy. These oils have elevated healing advantages making them highly desirable for curing diseases. There are two types of essential oils: organic and inorganic. Plants which are nurtured under the influence of pesticides are inorganic oils, while other being organic oils which are distilled from the plants.

Besides mental and emotional well being, natural essential oils have also been used for centuries for treating various medical conditions. Essential oil is oxygenated and helps in delivering nutrients to the cells in our body.

Natural oils deliver delicate vigorous rebalancing effects that work on the physical body, chakras etc. These essential oils from nature provide many benefits like pain relief, anti-inflammation, stimulate immune function, restore damaged tissues, reduce stress and encourage relaxation, for minor burns, to kill bacteria and viruses, improve concentration and mental clarity, and improve human nervous system, headaches, anxiety, depression, panic attacks.

Of all oils, Lavender oil is blessed with high benefits. Lavender oil can take good care of health and skin. Due to its charming aroma this oil is used as a flavoring agent in many food items. So these oils act as a nature’s gift and are the best way to take care of health and skin in a natural way. These oils can handle all the problems and helps in making us stay fit and healthy.

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The Incredible Agarwood Oil

June, 27, 2011

Agarwood also known by the name ‘oodh’ or just Agar, is a dark resinous heartwood derived from the large evergreen trees of Southeast Asia. Aquilaria and Gyrinops are the main trees from which this wood can be obtained but precisely there are fifteen species in the genus Aquilaria and eight are known to produce Agarwood. These trees yield the Agarwood when they become infected with a type of mold. Agarwood is used to extract the incredible Agarwood oil which has some great healing and therapeutic properties. There are however, some complexities involved in the process of extraction of the Agarwood oil. For instance, the fungus infected tree should be at least one hundred years old, in order to produce the oil. Steam or water distillation is generally used for extracting the oil and once it is done, the wood is then soaked and placed in huge burners to evaporate water and dissolve resins. The oil then starts floating on the top.

The significance of the Agarwood and its oil can be traced to very early times when they held great cultural and religious significance as they have found mention in the world's oldest written texts – the Vedas from India. Many people remain unaware about the great properties of Agarwood oil, which is beneficial for health and provides a natural way of dealing with a lot of physical and psychological problems. Highly useful in vitiated condition of rheumatoid arthritis, Agarwood oil also acts as an astringent. It is quite bitter, thermogenic, acrid, depurative, alexeteric and also has anti-leprosy properties. Its effect on the nervous system is widely acclaimed as it calms the nervous system and also helps in relieving anxiety by expelling negative energies. Agarwood oil makes a person alert and helps in invoking a sense of peace & strength and enhances cerebral functioning.

Those suffering from obsessive behavior and neurosis can use the Agarwood oil as it offers a great natural cure for these problems. Owing to its psychoactive properties, it is recommended by experienced practitioners to be used in for meditation and devotion. It has some spiritual significance attached to it and is believed to enlighten and clarify the mind to take a person on a spiritual journey. It harmonizes the spirit, body and mind. Some people also believe that the fragrance of the Agarwood smoke carries the prayers to the creator.

Thus, having both medicinal and spiritual significance, Agarwood Oil is quite incredible. When used effectively, it can have miraculous psychological effects and fills the person with great spiritual sense. Agarwood has a combined effect on the body, soul and mind.

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What Type Of Massage Oil Is Best

July, 27, 2011

Nowadays, oil massage therapy has emerged as a new stress buster. People are increasingly using this form of therapy to get better relief and mind relaxation. But choosing the best type of massage oil can be a painstaking task at times. This is due to the wide variety of massage oils available in the market these days. Message therapists either make their own products or purchase special products with different essential oils. These essential oils are derived from natural substances.

Warm massage oil provides the best effect. No matter if it is scented or non-scented; it allows the therapist to glide the hands and penetrates better. This provides greater relief to the muscles and tissues. Apart from oil, many therapists make use of lotions as well. Heaters and infusers can also help in enhancing the whole massage experience.

Aromatherapy is an ancient practice which facilitates healing. It has become increasingly popular in the recent time. It makes use of wide array of essential oils to deliver the required effect. The most common types of essential oils include Lavender, Tea Tree, Jasmine, Peppermint and Ylang Ylang. Each one of these has its own healing properties. Lavender is used for the treatment of minor depression and anxiety. Tired and aching muscles can be cured by Peppermint. Tea tree is used to release stress, whereas Ylang Ylang and Jasmine provide a sense of rejuvenation.

Oils can be either expensive aromatherapy oils or the basic less expensive ones. To buy oil at affordable rates, it is preferred to go through different online sites that provide you many varieties of the massage equipment and message products. There can be occasions where a therapist may sell the oil which they use for the therapy.

There is a wide gamut of oil to suit every kind of therapy. Pure essential oils provide the best relief since they have both healing and calming effect. There are essential oils that are being used in the aromatherapy massage for thousands of years. These are also known as aphrodisiacs.

No matter if you opt for a special aromatherapy massage or the basic one, internet can provide you with the most economical options. Online aromatherapy oil suppliers provide you with highly affordable price range since they don’t have a general overhead of a storefront. But there is a wide array of options in the market and thus you should look for all the options very carefully. Make sure you get the best range of oils with online shopping.

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Essential Oils and Absolutes in Natural Perfumes How Are They Obtained

July, 27, 2011

In today’s world, where almost every product is adulterated, we are skeptical of each and every market product we use. If we talk about fragrant oils, our concern remains the same. Our mind gets preoccupied with the queries akin to: “Is this oil authentic?” “Does it have natural or artificial fragrance?” “Are the harmful chemicals used during their extraction?” “Is the product I’m using safe?” The answers to these complex questions depend upon the type of oil we use.

Now, let’s look at the extraction process of “essential oils.” These oils are usually extracted through the process of steam distillation, and sometimes hydro-distillation of plants, flowers and other natural resources. However, essential oils of fruits like grapefruit and orange are extracted by putting forth the pressure on their skin. Moreover, “absolutes” are those perfume oils, which are attained by solvent extraction. There is another method of extraction which is even environment friendly: CO2 extraction method.

Let’s briefly discuss the methods under consideration one by one. Firstly, the steam distilled oils, widely used in the process of aromatherapy, are obtained by the high-temperature contact of hot steam and the plant material to take apart the fragrant oils. Because the enormously high temperature can eliminate the subtle fragrance molecules, steam distillation method is not successful in case of perfume oils.

Secondly, the process of hydro-distillation is comparatively a gentle one. In this process, firstly the plant materials are boiled in the water, the consequential steam is collected as well as reduced, and the fragrant oils are eventually taken apart from the condensed water. The conventional Indian perfumes are hydro-distilled only. However, most of them in today’s times are synthetic.

Both the distillation methods are unsuccessful in case of some flowers. Solvent-extraction is used in such cases. As already mentioned that “absolutes” are those perfume oils which are attained by solvent extraction, one should also know that these absolutes are extremely concentrated, since no heat is involved in this process. In addition, the quality of absolutes depends directly upon the quality of solvent which is used. The use of inferior solvents is clearly apparent in the eventual absolute: we can smell the solvent even after it is converted into an absolute and even after its dilution into the water. Flowers such as Rose and Lavender are available in both absolute and essential oil form.

Fourthly, the environmental friendly CO2 method uses neither heat nor solvents or toxics. Its eventual oil is closest to the original plant material as CO2 method uses the pressure from natural carbon dioxide in its extraction process. Although the oils extracted from this process cost more than any other method, but they undoubtedly work beautifully in pharmaceutical industries, aromatherapy and perfume industries.

Note: Never forget to dilute absolutes and essential oils before using them. People with chemical sensitivity should use natural perfumes attained from essential oils, and other people can simply choose as they like it.

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Making Essential Oils Work for You

July, 27, 2011

The uses of Orgenic essential oils, derived from plants, are not limited to mere perfumery. Aside from endowing us with pleasant perfumes, the essential oils are used in cosmetics, food essence, hair conditioners, fabric conditioners, detergents, aromatherapy, extenuating depression and eradicating stress and fatigue etc.

Extraction and Production:

We have studied in chemistry that essential oils can be produced by four methods: Steam distillation, hydro-distillation, solvent extraction and carbon dioxide extraction. We also know the advantages and disadvantages of these various methods. Steam distillation uses steam to extract the oil therefore the subtle fragrant molecules are very likely to get damaged. Hydro-distillation uses boiled water; it is therefore gentler than the former method. In solvent extraction process, the quality of the oil or absolute directly depends upon the quality of solvent used. In CO2 method, no steam or solvent is used, and the extracted oil is an outcome of the pressure exerted by natural CO2 upon the plant material.

Well-Known Essential Oils:

Chamomile oil is best for people with sensitive and allergy-prone skin. Rose oil is not only known for evoking passion, but it is also popular because of its antiseptic and refreshing tendencies. Geranium oil fights fungal infections and is an effective remedy for repelling insects. Sandalwood oil is best used in yoga as it facilitates meditation, but it also has cooling, moisturizing and antiseptic properties, and is appropriate for the people with dry and normal skin. Lastly, Jasmine oil has a significant impact on our body, which swiftly activates our senses.

Consult And Then Choose The Right One:

With a vast variety of botanical oils around us, we should always choose the one which works out the best for us. But the problem is that how can we evade the confusion and choose the right one suitable for our requirements? One should know that every essential oil has a characteristic effect on our body. So, one should always consult an expert aroma-therapist to choose the best essential oil for his/her body.

Now the question arises—How to use the essential oils for deriving the above-mentioned benefits? One can extract the maximum benefits from the use of various essential oils by: massaging, food infusions, steam therapy etc. Consult your therapist and use the one best for your body and blood group.

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Lotus Essential Oils

August, 25, 2011

Lotus (nelumbo nucifera) is a symbol of purity, the source of knowledge and wealth. Lotus is a sacred flower in Hinduism and Buddhism. Lotus is considered to be one of the most ancient plants in existence, and is highly valued for its medicinal effect. It is in use in many countries for the treatment of many diseases like jaundice, ulcer, etc. It is known to help in directing energy and keeping the mind focused. For generations, people have relied heavily on the flower and also on its stem and juice for various purposes. Along with the medicinal advantage, the flower is also preferred in religious ceremonies and the stem of the flower is used by people as food item. The Lotus flower has its unique place in the flower family, and people highly value the impressive qualities of the flower.
The Essential Oil made of the Lotus extracts has a purifying effect. The pleasant aroma of the Lotus oil makes it the preferred choice for aromatic bath and body massage. Along with the purifying effect, it also has the therapeutic significance. The Essential Lotus Oil is extracted from the flower by the process called solvent extraction. The extraction is done with extreme care and precision. The Lotus Oils are highly concentrated and generally used in combination with other oils. Essential Lotus Oils are also very expensive because of their potency and high usefulness. Some of the world-wide known benefits of Essential Lotus Oils are:
Therapeutic Effect
The oil extracted from the Lotus flower is used for years in the treatment of all kinds of diseases, from Diarrhea to Bleeding ulcers. In China, the Essential lotus Oils are in use for the treatment of Mushroom poisoning along with the other fatal diseases. Lotus Oils are famous in many countries for their meditative value. The use of Lotus Oils helps to keep the mind focused and controlled.
Alleviate the Body and Mind
The excellent and mesmerizing effect of Essential Lotus Oils have made the oil widely preferred for aromatic bath and body massage. The oil has a very relaxing effect on the user. The Lotus Oils are in demand for giving the aroma therapy. The pleasant aroma of the essential Lotus Oil has a tranquilizing effect, and alleviates the whole mind, body and soul.
Fragrant Water Spray
With the addition of few drops of Essential Lotus Oil in water along with some other fragrant oil, a very enticing aromatic spray is created which can be used as room freshener. The spray has an enchanting and freshening effect on the surroundings.
Essential Lotus Oils have always been considered precious. A bottle of Lotus Oil is expensive to buy, but the investment for it is worth. The Lotus Oil has a very alleviating effect on the thinking and surroundings of the person using it. The Essential Lotus Oil brings tranquility with it and serenity, and makes the life pleasant and stress-free.

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Agarwood Oil An Extraordinary Essential Oil

August, 25, 2011

Agarwood or the Dark Resinous Wood is obtained when the wood is infected by mold, and the dark colored Resins are produced. The Resin is produced for protection against the mold. The Resin mixes with the Heartwood and the Agarwood comes into existence. The oil extracted from the Agarwood wood is highly valued in many cultures and religions. The Agarwood oil has a typical captivating fragrance, which makes the oil an important ingredient in perfumes. The aromatic Agarwood oil is the first choice of people across the world for the treatment of many diseases. The Agarwood oil has the energizing effect on the user and the atmosphere.
Benefits of Agarwood Oil
Medicinal value: Agarwood Oil is used in several countries to treat many severe diseases. The Oil when applied directly to the skin elevates the nervous system, and makes the body and the mind relaxed and alleviated. The Oil is a boon in the treatment of fever, breathing problems, digestive tract illness. It provides immediate relief from the Epileptic attacks and seizures.
Meditative Effect: The enticing aroma of the Agarwood Oil has a calming and strengthening effect. It is known for calming the nervous system and enhancing the cerebral functioning. The use of Agarwood Oil on religious occasions creates the feel of devotion. It has a tranquilizing and soothing fragrance, which allows the mind to concentrate and stay focused.
Adds to the taste of the food: Agarwood Oil is also used as cooking oil as it adds flavor to the food. Agarwood Oil forms an ingredient of wines in some parts of the world. When added to Tea, it makes every sip of tea, a long lasting pleasure.
Few Properties Of Agarwood Oil:
  • Digestive
  • Deodorant
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Cardio tonic
  • Anodyne
  • Astringent
  • Thermogenic
  • Acrid
  • Depurative
The Agarwood Oil is very expensive, and is rare to find. It grows in selected areas of the world. Owing to heavy deforestation in the area, the manufacture and supply of Agarwood Oil has considerably reduced. This rare availability adds to the preciousness and the price of the Agarwood Oil.
Agarwood Oil Extraction
The process of extraction of Agarwood oil is also complex. For extraction, the fungus infected tree should be at least one hundred years old, in order to produce the oil. The extraction process that is usually adopted is steam or water distillation. Once it is done, the wood is then soaked and placed in huge burners to evaporate water and dissolve resins.
The rare availability of the Agarwood wood and the complexity in the extraction make the Oil a possession to cherish about. To get the best effect it is important to get the pure Agarwood Oil without any adulteration. Purchasing from trusted Vendors of Agarwood Oil solves this problem. Searching online helps you in zeroing in on the trustworthy Agarwood Oil Manufacturers and sellers.

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